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I have doubts about myself, i dont know how to structure my life atm, i have the feeling everything is to much for me, and i really dislike that.

Welp, to be fair: there is a lot of unease atm in my life i have to bear, but i wanna be able to handle that hardship and not just sleep until it goes away.

Ahwell i dont know what to do. nut just focusing about birdsite but in generel...

But i dont know. there are some poeple i wanna keep beeing in touch with that arent here and that cant be easily reached with discord or telegram.

Sure, i can curate that with blocks, mods, Better Tweetdeck and mutes, but to be honest: i dont wanna.

Heyho Masto. Currently, the urge to ditch birdsite is really strong seeing all the panic about a certain virus and some other bullshit getting spammed on my tl.

Blayth is der 5. dlc char? Oh wow.

PSA: Windows 7 and Server 2008 AND r2 have recieved their last update. Please for the love of any secrurity, update.

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Heyho Masto! Whats up? Anybody here know how i can install a "Wake up" and "screenlock" button on a Raspberry pi?

Hab Barrier installiert. Was ein geniales Programm. Kann nun mein Mac und meinen PC mit einer Maus und einer Tastatur steuern.

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Back from Amsterdam. Didnt smoke grass, but had a fantastic christmas so thats somewaht better?

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OH: Is the German you speak when on weed High German or Dutch?

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Will celebrate Christmas here and will keep logging C:

Hope you all have a good day and so on! :acongablob:

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