Since the update yesterday more and more users are switching to .

It’s nice to see they chose over .

Let’s get one thing straight: Mastodon is a community driven project, yes, but it is not a project which is developed by its users.

Swear around as much as you want, if you have the abilities to change stuff, do it, state your intentions in a Pull-request and clarify to the other devs what you did and why you did it and how it can benefit the platform. I am aware Eugen could handle communication better, but for now let’s stick with that scheme. Ok? Ok.

To achieve mainstream recognition of / easier, major social apps should provide sharing options just like they do for Twitter and Facebook.

I’m looking at you, Foursquare 👀

is really more communicative and direct as twitter. I really enjoy that. ^-^

Is there an admin who has migrated a mastodon (docker) instance to another host and can me give some intel about the process?


Ülfte ist ein verteiltes (föderalisiertes) soziales Netzwerk, ähnlich wie andere bekannte Plattformen. Es frei von Werbung oder Algorithmen und basiert auf dem Mastodon Softwareprojekt.