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Hello dear new users! If you have any questions regarding the usage of Mastodon or our instance, feel free to post directly @club or mail us at (GPG: 0408447C /

Happy tooting! 🎉

And we are back 😄
Thank you for the patience.

Und wir sind wieder da 😄
Danke für die Geduld.

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🚨 We are going down für maintenance! 🚨

🚨 Wir sind kurz weg. Wartungsarbeiten! 🚨

Server Wartung heute Nacht zwischen 00:00 Uhr CEST und 00:30 Uhr CEST.

Mastodon kann während dieser Zeit nicht erreichbar sein. :mastodon:

Server maintenance tonight between 12am CEST and 12:30am CEST.

Mastodon can be unavailable during this time period. :mastodon:

Due to certain reports from users, the instance “” is now blocked permanently on this instance.


We need to reboot the server Mastodon runs on at 5pm CEST. The reboot will take about 5 to 10 minutes. Open connections will be closed. You won't receive any notifications either.

Thank you for your patience! 😁 :mastodon:

We rolled out v2.8.0 RC1 for testing the newest features, e.g. polls. How do you like it so far? ☺️

We are sorry for the downtime. There was an error in another config block of our primary webserver proxy causing the server to stop responding.

Sorry for that.

Happy tooting! :mastodon: 🎉

Service is slowly returning to normal operation. Thank you for you patience.

Happy tooting! 🎉 :mastodon:

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We will search for alternative storage providers with similar services in the future.

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Cached files can are delivered by our CDN provider, so the instance may be working in some way for some of you.

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Our storage provider Wasabi just published an update on the incident of the last three days. Currently their service is completely down. They expect there to be at least one hour of downtime (starting at 21:30 UTC).

In the meantime mastodon will be affected directly:
- it is impossible to reliably upload media files to our instance
- the server is unable to fetch remote media files
- you client devices are unable to retrieve already published media files.

Service is retuning into normal operation. Thank you for your patience.

Happy tooting! 🎉 :mastodon:

Zeige Konversation

Due to an issue with our storage provider "Wasabi", media files may fail to transfer. We are aware of this issue and waiting on Wasabi to resolve it. In the meantime we advice you not to upload files to Mastodon.

We will inform you as soon as possible when the issue has been resolved.

Gentoo is now also on mastodon.
Join us on @gentoo

Maintenance of large software projects, mastodon 

Wow, there are so many open issues for Mastodon on github. And so many are super valid.

Hard to imagine managing (or even contributing substantially) to a project so large. Any open source devs have insights about issue management, triage, division of responsibility, etc when there's such an overwhelming amount of engagement / requests?

Thanks to all the fediverse maintainers and admins and mods! This shit is clearly a ton of work

Due to an error with our upstream network provider, was unavailable via IPv4 for several hours.

We like to apologise and thank you for your patience.

🚨 Attention! 🚨
Today we will begin to migrate to our new IPv4 subnet. You may experience some minor issues while using Mastodon. Please be patient, should be done by 11pm CET (GMT+1).

Please be sure to report any posts without proper content warning. Some things shouldn’t be in the public timeline without proper warning.

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Ülftodon ist ein verteiltes (föderalisiertes) soziales Netzwerk, ähnlich wie andere bekannte Plattformen. Es frei von Werbung oder Algorithmen und basiert auf dem Mastodon Softwareprojekt.