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Hello dear new users! If you have any questions regarding the usage of Mastodon or our instance, feel free to post directly @club or mail us at (GPG: 0408447C /

Happy tooting! πŸŽ‰

Hello federation relay!

We are testing some relays for better coverage of the fediverse. Maybe you see some new people in the federate timeline.

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Earlier this week we observed a spam attack on this instance. As a measurement we blocked the traffic from multiple IP addresses connected to the attack.

We published those blocked addresses as we want our actions to be transparent.

You can find the list of all currently banned addresses at

Registration is back!

We removed the potential harmful accounts and put measurements in place that hopefully prevent future spam attacks on this instance.

Thanks for you patience! 😁
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@club Today those account started spamming links to possible harmful or illegal content. Please do not click on those links! 🚨

We will investigate the origin of this spam attack and hopefully can take actions to prevent future spam.

If there are other instance out there experiencing the same behavior (empty bot registrations) feel free to contact us if you have further information.

@club for now the registration is closed. You can still invite your friends with an invitation link at

Yesterday and today multiple user accounts were created on this instance and instantly marked as bots, just sitting there and doing nothing (at first sight at least). It is unknown what their purpose is.

We investigated these accounts and found out that every account has been opened by the same IP-subnet linked to a company from the Seychelles.

We are going to block this IP-range and publish the range to be transparent in our actions.

The safety of our users is very important to us.

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There has been an issue with our CDN-provider which is now resolved. Media files should now be displayed correctly.

Happy tooting! πŸŽ‰ :mastodon: has been updated to version 2.6.1!

Happy tooting! πŸŽ‰ :mastodon:

Due to the fact that it consists only of follow bots, the domain "" has been blocked on this instance entirely.

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We are now live with version 2.5.1 πŸ˜„

Happy tooting! πŸŽ‰ :mastodon:

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Reminder: every Mastodon instance is run by a human being and administered by a small group of human beings (and that small group may number 1). Attacking an instance means attacking the person who runs it.

This reminder is especially relevant if you're a mastodon admin. You don't get to pretend that other instances are monoliths when you know that your own isn't.

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Hello dear new users! If you have any questions regarding the usage of Mastodon or our instance, feel free to post directly @club or mail us at (GPG: 0408447C /

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Upgrade completed. Ran into some issues with the public assets. Everything should run smoothly from now on.

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